Colchester is very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers willing to serve on our selectboard and school board. Their task is formidable: create meaningful budgets while minimizing the financial impact on the residents of Colchester. Perhaps the best token of appreciation they can receive is to see the town and school budgets pass overwhelmingly as they did this Town Meeting Day.

For better or worse, town meetings produce winners and losers. Among the winners this year: The students and staffs served in the towns that passed their budgets. Over 90 percent did so across the state.

Among the losers: Gov. Phil Scott, ignoring the specific needs of individual school districts and the weeks/months of budget preparation by school boards, urged voters to reject any budget that was not level-funded. Another loser was a local radio talk show host who echoed the governor’s position and hoped for massive school budget defeats. From their disappointing voices on the morning program after Town Meeting Day, one would have thought that a member of their radio family had passed away.

If you think I am being unduly harsh of our local radio station, let me remind you that its radio programming includes Rush Limbaugh (three hours a day), a Boston program which spends much of its time denigrating minorities and immigrants (four hours a day), and gives Mark Levin three hours a day in the evening. Levin’s latest venture has been championing the charge that President Obama wiretapped Trump Towers.

John Devino