I write to endorse Curt Taylor as a candidate for representative for Colchester District 9-1. Curt’s contribution to the work of the Governance Committee has resulted in important changes to the town charter which have improved the transparency and efficiency of our town government. Curt frequently attends selectboard meetings, and his comments as a concerned citizen have been informative and useful. Curt’s involvement in town affairs arises out of his desire to do what’s in the best interest of the town. His efforts both officially and behind the scenes have made Colchester a better place to live.

Curt’s service on the Colchester School Board bodes well for continued cooperation with the selectboard and hopefully better service for the citizens of Colchester.

The problems facing the legislature are daunting. They will not be solved by partisan bickering or finger pointing. At the local level, Curt has demonstrated the sort of leadership desperately needed in Montpelier. Vote for Curt on November 8.

Herbert J. Downing


Editor’s note: Mr. Downing is a member of the Colchester Selectboard.