There will be no contested races in this year’s Town Meeting Day elections. Petitions for spots on the March 5 ballot had to be filed with the town clerk by Monday at 5pm.

Both Jacki Murphy and Tom Mulcahy are running for their two-year and three-year positions, respectively, on the selectboard.

For the school board, member Curt Taylor and clerk Craig Kieny will be reseeking their two-year and three-year terms, respectively.

Colchester moderator Scott Barrett will be the only name on the ticket for his one-year position as well.

Rebecca Collman McMahon will be seeking election for a five-year spot on the board of library trustees. The position was most recently filled by Bob Henneberger, who had been on the board for 15 years and was chair of the board last year.

Finally, Charlotte Gardner is seeking a three-year term on the board of listers. The spot was most recently held by Doug Mulac, who died on January 2. He had served on the board for 23 years. A local realtor, Gardner most recently served on the board of civil authority as a justice of the peace.

Look for a candidate Q&A in an upcoming issue of the Colchester Sun.