Despite foggy skies, the 12th Annual Touch-A-Truck event in Colchester saw one of the biggest turnouts ever, with over 1,200 visitors estimated to have passed through.

Kids in plastic fireman hats weaved in and out of a school bus, a tractor, and an ambulance, among other vehicles. Two boys straddled the front of a fire truck, holding hoses in both hands as if dousing a flaming building. One parent squeezed his baby through a school bus window.

The event featured 30 vehicles, representing 22 different local businesses and organizations, according to Mike LaPan, Marketing and Recreation Specialist for the Colchester Parks and Recreation.

He said the event began in 2008, spearheaded by Parks Department Assistant Director, Derek Mitchell, who was inspired by the success of events like Fire Department and Rescue open houses. The goal was to “spark excitement in children and nostalgia in parents,” said LaPan. “Think about your favorite trucks in your matchbox set, and then see them life-size right here in town.”