I was pleased that Jace Laquerre’s letter prompted a reply from three of the candidates running for representatives to the Statehouse. I applaud him for getting involved in politics, and I am really happy that he is a Republican.

I would like to reply to Rep. Condon and to Mr. Taylor. Jim Condon is probably the bluest of the blue dog Democrats. He has supported businesses and knows our economy needs help, and his sales tax holiday has been a huge success to the business community. However, Jim is in an awkward spot serving on the Ways and Means Committee, where he has to find the money to fund the excessive budgets that his party puts forward. This is where I wished Jim could be an advocate to lower the state budget, but I feel his hands are tied. So his work is to find the money, while we as Republicans would reduce the overgrowth of the state government.

Curt Taylor on the other hand seems to be trying to raise our taxes using smoke and mirrors. Lower property taxes, but raise the income tax, and then install a new tax on services equals more taxes so that our already too big state government will get even bigger. I am afraid Curt comes across as a tax and spend liberal Democrat. I would like him to say that he thinks that our state government is too big, but I do not think that will happen.

As part of the changing tide in Montpelier, I urge you to vote for Joey Purvis and Pat Liebrecht for house representatives from District 9:1.

Bob Bouchard