It was a long, fun day and a half spanning January 17 and 18 for the Laker team and coaches.

13 Laker wrestlers faced some stiff competition from all over Vermont and New York at the Michael J Baker Essex Classic tournament. Ending the day in 2nd place was Noah Quigley, and Ben Stapleton in 5th.

In addition to these great placements, many arms were raised in victory throughout the days for the rest of the team.

Essex Wrestling also hosted the Ron Lamell Sr. Warrior Wrestling Festival for grades K-8 on Sunday, Jan. 19. Standing proudly in the top spot on the podium were Shay and Sawyer Prouty, Cahota Lafond and Brody Coppins. Team veterans grades 4-8 that earned second place trophies were Cruz Haran, Jake Marchessault, Mason Sheltra, Noah Abbott, Jordan Lavoie, Keegan Vance and Jaden Coppins. 3rd: Jonah Recicar, 4th: Nate Abbott, Tanner Prouty, Brayden Marchessault, Jackson Bouchard and Jacobo Riviera, 5th: Kaeden Schraml.

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