Great wins by the Colchester Catamounts this weekend against the Spaulding Crimson Tide.

For the 5/team, Colton Lefebvre threw for two touchdown passes and scored on an extra point. First touchdown pass went to Jacob Robare. The second went to Gunnar Perren. The catamounts had three rushing touchdowns, one from Karson Taylor, one from Loghan Hawkings, and one from Brodie Copins. Luke fielding scored on a pick six.

For the 7/8 game, Jordan Lavoie launched two long bombs for touchdowns and rushed for one.

The first touchdown pass went to Aiden Perren. The second went to Mason Cardinal. The catamounts also scored on a defensive scoop and score from Prren. The front line consisting of Noah Toof, Nick Chicoine, Gram Resmer, Evan Kehaya, Isac Karlin, and Mason Cardinal at tight end, and Colton Merchant at defensive end, did a fantastic job for the win.