On May 17, Nadine Scibek tendered her resignation as selectboard chair after a six year tenure. Her resignation came one month before her term would have ended, but Scibek sees this as her “time to move on.”

According to a letter which Scibek read at the May 17 Selectboard meeting, when she and her husband found the right opportunity to sell their house and relocate, she decided to step down. Vice-chair Tom Mulcahey, who has served on the board for three years, will serve as acting chair until members can select a new chair at the next selectboard meeting.

“I am extremely proud of the accomplishments, policy changes, initiatives and advancements that we have seen in the town and in the services to our residents over the last nine years since I have been on this board, serving I believe the last six years as chair,” she said, before the board.

Some of the town initiatives and advancements that have come to fruition during Scibek’s tenure include, but are not limited to, the Heritage Project, a ten-year plan for advancements and changes created in 2012; the Malletts Bay initiative, a plan focused on finding wastewater solutions; the local option tax, which works to lower property taxes and provides a capital fund which can be redirected towards projects for the community; and the stormwater utility, which addresses the community’s water quality issues.

In her letter, Scibek also addressed town manager Aaron Frank saying, “I have had the honor and privilege of hiring and working directly with two incredible town managers: Dawn Francis and Aaron Frank, who have accomplished one of the many selectboard goals of improving government transparency, trust, and communication with our residents.” Frank was appointed to the position of town manager in March of last year.

While Scibek joked that she did not mourn the end of her “illustrious career” as chair, she said bidding goodbye to her fellow board members has been hard. “It’s been very, very sad to go.”

While Scibek also works as an attorney in Burlington, she has appreciated being able to have two sorts of work families.

In her final words to the board, Scibek again stressed her affection for her coworkers and the town: “I am honored and thankful to have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful, hardworking and dedicated board members, committee members, volunteers, and town staff. You are all so special… I will truly miss you all and I wish you all the best.”