I remember Dick Paquette as a hard-working, cheerful, common sense wisdom Vermonter. Without a touch of self-importance, he served endlessly on Colchester select and school boards spanning at least four decades. He was always happy to see me, and never in a cross mood, that I can recall.

I made him frown once, though. I was interviewing him after another local newspaper wrongfully accused his farm of selling eggs coated with salmonella. He discussed this unfair threat to his life’s work and livelihood in the philosophical, good-natured way that was so typical of him. When it came time to take the cover photo, I thought to myself, “This won’t do. I’ve gotta make him look mad.” So I intentionally said something outrageous. His eyebrows shot up, his smile turned upside down, and I snapped that week’s front-page photo.

Sorry, Dick! But as they say, today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s chicken pen liner. Colchester will remember you as the good-humored, kind, conscientious neighbor and public servant you always were.

Guy Page


Guy Page was editor/publisher of The Colchester Chronicle, the Sun’s predecessor, from 1987-2002.