I would like to endorse Stacey Mercure as a candidate for the Colchester Selectboard. Our family moved to Colchester in the summer of 2007. Our sons were 8 and 4 and we were so impressed by the sense of community in Colchester. Being a member of the Selectboard means that you care about the community which is how I would describe Stacey. She not only lives in our community, she has a business in the community. Being a member of her gym is being a member of a supportive community that Stacey has created. She is always supportive of community activities whether it’s the Wellness Fair at the high school, Odyssey of the Mind, Friends of Colchester Music, just to name a few, she is always willing to support these community events. If elected to the Colchester Selectboard, Stacey will be the person who will listen to her community and do what is best for our town.

MaryFran Holly

Chair of Friends of Colchester Music

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