Colchester voters have shot this down once at the polls and yet it may surface again on the next ballot. Here are some points to consider and point out to our select board members.

1. The sewer is a shotgun approach to the e. coli situation.

2. The e. coli problem has to be pinpointed to make sure the sewer will correct it.

3. The sewer project, if completed, does not guarantee the e. coli problem will disappear.

4. E-coli lives in sand for years and will still be present even after the expense of the sewer.

5. Developers and realtors are behind the big push for the sewer. Make their money and run.

6. I have pointed out severe sources of Malletts Bay pollution over the past 8 years and presented written reports with photos town officials that have taken “the do nothing approach.”

There are no excuses for doing nothing in the past about severe sources of pollution to Malletts Bay. I want less pollution in Malletts Bay but have serious doubts that the huge expense of a sewer system will fix the problem. No hook up fee. Freeze Lakeshore Drive property taxes for 10 years or until the property is sold and maybe a sewer is possible. Put the financial burden on the developers for the sewer.

Jeff Lefevbre

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