The Tinderbox

Sylvia Miller, a young Amish woman, is thinking about her parents’ upcoming twentieth wedding anniversary. She loves her parents but she would like to know more about her father’s life before his marriage, since he was not Amish but a convert to their faith. While she is in his carpenter’s office she comes upon his work desk where he keeps a tinderbox with mementos of his former life. Her father always told her to leave it alone, not to snoop. As the day of the anniversary approaches she feels drawn to the tinderbox and her resolve to not look inside dissolves. She opens it up and finds his high school diploma and even some college memorabilia. The biggest shock comes when she finds a marriage certificate with her father’s name and the name of a woman, not her Mom’s. This could only mean that her Dat was married before. Does her Mom know of this marriage? Sylvie does not know what to do with this information. It changes everything she knows about her family. Should she ask her parents about it? This discovery is about to tear her family apart and she doesn’t know if they can heal from this long kept secret. Intriguing story line.

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