Two items in regards to the upcoming election for governor:

1. The Ethan Allen Institute: In the spirit of full disclosure, one should know that the Ethan Allen Institute, hiding behind the name of a Vermont Revolutionary War hero, is in actuality a “think tank,” receiving much of its support directly from out of state front organizations sponsored by the Koch brothers. In April 2015, The Vermont Political Observer reported the EIH has received over $570,000 from 1998-2013 from foundations whose existence can largely be traced to the Koch Empire, intent on influencing the outcome of elections at the state and local level.

2. Phil Scott’s mistakes in judgment: If elected, Mr. Scott said he will sell his 50 percent share of Dubois Construction, thereby by setting an unneeded precedent for future candidates for governor. It would have been sufficient for him to say that his company would not take state contracts while in office.

During the debate on Vermont Public Television on October 6, Mr. Scott stated a need to return trust to government, yet his willingness to profit on state contracts leaves room for skepticism. As reported in Seven Days on Sept. 6, 2015, Dubois Construction made $3.79 million on state contracts while Mr. Scott has held state office. There is no reason to believe any laws were broken. However, Mr. Scott certainly knows most if not all of the bidding decision makers on a personal level. From his unique vantage point, he also has knowledge of future government jobs at various levels in the planning stage thereby giving him a decided advantage on which projects to “go after.” Borrowing a term from the world of car racing, I think it’s fair to say that Mr. Scott has had an “inside groove” for many years.

John Devino