Officer Jesse Treier was sworn in to the Colchester Police Department earlier this month with a notable line of experience on his résumé: seven years working for the department he’s now ready to serve again.

“We were always hopeful he’d come back,” Chief Jen Morrison said. “We’ve got a really experienced officer back on the roster.”

Treier first joined CPD in February 2010 after graduating from the Champlain College criminal justice program and completing the Vermont Police Academy training as a tuition student.

He stayed until May 2017 but left when his wife got a job on Nantucket Island. They’re back in Vermont now and expecting their first child together.

“When Colchester picked me up, I just haven’t really looked back,” Treier said. “The job is never the same every day, and you can interact with people at their lowest points and, sometimes, their highest points … it’s never boring.”

The new recruit said it’s a bit funny to go through training again. After all, he was working as a field training officer before he left last year, Morrison said. Still, he said it’s a good chance to get reacquainted with an oft-shifting field.

“In law enforcement, things change pretty quickly,” Treier said. “You do something a certain way for years and then a protocol or policy is changed.”

Treier pointed to the upcoming marijuana legalization as one such policy. He’s still a certified drug recognition expert and previously spent time speaking at parent teacher organization meetings about how to identify drug use amongst kids. He said he’d be eager to continue that work if allowed.

Morrison said she remembers Treier’s self-initiative and maturity and said he loved to get out and talk to the public. She said his return is a boost to the department, noting he’ll quickly hit the ground running after the abbreviated training program is completed.

Morrison said recruiting is going well across the department, with a few candidates moving through the stages of the hiring process. The department welcomed 22-year-old Meghan Duell to its ranks earlier this year. She is still working to complete some phases of training.

This time last year, CPD participated in a regional recruiting event that helped to speed up the typical application process and narrow down qualified candidates.

Treier, meanwhile, said CPD was the only option he considered when he moved back to Vermont.

“The people that work at this police department, since I was a new cop, I went to them for guidance,” he said. “It’s a welcoming atmosphere here and … it’s a great place to work. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”