Young Writers Project

MacAuley's writing is in response to the prompt "Relocation."

Last Day on Earth

Maeve MacAuley, 15, Colchester

The way I would spend my last day on Earth is pretty simple. I would want to go to places that are meaningful to me, just to get one more good look at them and to relive their memories before we leave. I would take pictures of those places and other things that are important to me. I would take pictures of Earth’s beautiful landscapes, majestic animals, and serene views. I would want to remember my house, my neighborhood, my neighbors, everything. I would want to remember even the smallest things: the way freshly cut grass smells, my memories of swimming in the lake, and even the hot air balloons we see in the fall. I would want to remember what my school looks like, where all my friends’ houses are, and even what the woods around my house are like. 

The hardest part would be leaving all the beautiful places I would never get to visit, all those bucket list destination dreams that were never fulfilled. I would spend my last day making new memories with my sister and family in the place we’ve called home our entire lives. We would go swimming one last time, play soccer in the yard, bike around the woods, play board games, and play our last Earthly game of basketball. I think it would be imperative that we try to keep all those memories close to us and not forget what life is like on Earth.

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