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Edge Pharma, a pharmaceutical company located in Colchester, recently received over $62,000 in grant funding from the Vermont Training Program (VTP). With this funding, Edge Pharma will train employees in several departments vital to meeting increasing demand. Training includes prepping laboratory materials and devices, learning the drug compounding process and further STEM education. New employees will be better equipped to meet demand, allowing for research and development opportunities to expand without impeding production levels.

“Edge Pharma has recently expanded its laboratory, allowing for increased production of compounded medications,” said Edge Pharma Human Resource Generalist Skylar LeBlanc. “With the VTP Grant funds, Edge will be able to hire and train employees and grow our business at a much quicker pace than if we hadn’t received the grant.”

The VTP funds will also help ensure the company meets the needs of its customers and remains competitive in the current pharmaceutical landscape. Staffing and training serve as an integral component in supplying customers with innovative healthcare solutions.

“Edge Pharma provides products with a high level of reliability and customer service,” said Joan Goldstein, Department of Economic Development Commissioner. “As they look to grow in their competitive business sector, we are pleased to award grant funding that aids employee development and ensures the company will continue to provide their products to health care institutions both in Vermont and around the world.”

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