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Blayne Fitzgerald

This month’s “Musician of the Month” is Blayne Fitzgerald. Blayne is a junior at Colchester High School (CHS), and a member of Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, and Chorale. Blayne has been a member of one or more choral ensembles during all of her years in high school. She is one of a handful of students from Vermont accepted into the American Choral Directors All Eastern High School Honors Choir this coming March in Rochester, NY. She also has been accepted into District Music Festival, All State Music Festival and New England Music Festival.

“Blayne is a leader in every choral ensemble in which she participates! She shows such initiative, and has the honor of being in the ACDA All Eastern Honor Choir, as well as performing scholarship auditions on both the District and All State level. This takes an incredible amount of commitment and hard work. Blayne also is one of those students that can be counted on to do whatever you need, taking on leadership roles in every ensemble and being voted into manager positions several times by her peers. Blayne has a beautiful voice, but is very humble and wants her classmates to shine as well. But, it’s really her helpful, caring and positive attitude that makes her stand out and receive this special honor. I am so happy to reward her hard work and excellent musicianship with this award!” -Melissa Towle, CHS Music Teacher

What are some of the best memories/experiences you’ve had from being part of choir?

My favorite experience from being in choir ensembles around school is the sense of family I feel in the whole music department. My best friends I’ve made are from being a part of choir. I moved to Colchester freshman year and the first day I felt so welcomed and loved by all.

How do you think being a singer has helped you develop as a person?

I didn’t start singing a lot until eighth grade and I was super quiet and had extreme stage fright! When I started really getting into singing, I started trying out for more solos and slowly becoming more confident in myself. Singing helped me break out of my box and become a much more outgoing person.

What do you think students gain from being in a school ensemble?

Students who join ensembles in schools gain another family. I feel like the music program is my home away from home and I was welcomed from the start. Another thing students gain from joining ensembles is a hobby that is universal, you can find choirs and bands anywhere you go.

Congratulations to Blayne Fitzgerald on being Musician of the Month!

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