fuel tank

The Vermont Fuel Dealers Association (VFDA) is reminding Vermonters who heat with fuel oil that their tanks must be inspected soon -- if they have not already been during the last three years.

The deadline for inspection is Aug. 15 and is inline with the aboveground storage tank rules that took effect Aug. 15, 2017. Uninspected tanks cannot be filled after that date this year.

Customers can contact their fuel provider to confirm that their tank has been checked by a Vermont certified tank inspector within the past three years. They can visit vermontfuel.com/tank to see if their tank will pass inspection.

While the coronavirus pandemic has not changed or extended the deadline, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is allowing companies to conduct virtual inspections or partial inspections under certain conditions.

VFDA says that approximately half of Vermont homes rely on fuel oil for heat and hot water. The VFDA Tank Rebate Program -- which has helped replace nearly 900 tanks by distributing more than $223,000 in direct rebates since 2018 -- provides $250 to any state resident who replaces a non-compliant tank with a new one. Terms and conditions are listed at vermontfuel.com/tankrebate.

In addition to needing to be inspected every three years, tanks must also be inspected:

  • immediately after tank system installation.
  • immediately after initial delivery of fuel to the tank system.
  • prior to the initial delivery of fuel to the tank system when the tank owner switches fuel carriers.
  • upon removal of a tank system under § 9-307 of the aboveground storage tank rules.

The complete Vermont Environmental Conservation aboveground storage tank rules can be found at dec.vermont.gov/sites/dec/files/wmp/UST/Aboveground_Storage_Tank_Rules_8-15-2017.pdf.

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