The Funatics played hard at their sixth annual pickleball tournament last week, tossing friendly trash talk around with the ball.

Pickleball, a sport that combines ping-pong and tennis, is largely popular among seniors who find it a fun way to stay active and social in retirement.

The Funatics, members of the local pickleball league, have been raising money to build two new pickleball courts and for repairs to the existing courts at Airport Park in Colchester. According to Wayne Davis, one of the founders and organizers of the league, “We hope to resurface and repaint the two existing multipurpose courts and construct four new courts in 2020, assuming fundraising is successful.”

Marilyn Tofani, one of the founders of the tournament, spoke about the social aspect of the league and how much they’ve grown. “We’re like a family,” she said. “We don’t take the game too seriously; we can laugh at each other.”

Mati Toom, another of the league organizers, joked with veteran player Inge Schaefer who paused for a snack in between games.

“Oh, so we’re gonna play?” She said.

“Yeah, we’re gonna play. You need a caddy too?” Toom joked back.

The tournament included three game days with participants competing in Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed doubles.

The Funatics have raised about $41,000 but hope to meet their goal of $138,000 by November. Entry fees and other monetary contributions for the tournament this past week bring the Funatics that much closer to their goal.

Anyone wishing to contribute can make checks payable to Colchester Parks and Recreation, Attn: Pickleball Project.


Women’s winners:Runner’s up:
Kim HolmesKaren Fowler
Cheryl CunninghamLibby Corran


Men’s winners:Runner’s up:
Bill SorrellGreg Willihnganz
Dick MartellSteve Benoit


Mixed “A” winners:Mixed “B” winners:
Bob MelilloDick Martell
Sally PintauroKim Holmes


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