As the newest Colchester police officer, Jagger is trained in narcotics, tracking, agility, and playing fetch. He’s the town’s second K-9 to join CPD.

When the department hired officer Jennifer Czachor of Rutland, Jagger’s handler, they weren’t looking to add another police dog to the squad. The department already uses K-9 Ozzy, a well-loved pup often featured on the CPD’s Facebook page.

“But the stars aligned just right and we’re happy to bring Jagger into the fold along with Jen,” police Chief Douglas Allen told the selectboard, when he and Officer Czachor introduced Jagger at an Aug. 27 meeting.

According to Czachor, someone found Jagger on the streets of Canada, sickly, malnourished, “less than 24 hours away from death,” she said. The Rutland police department happened to be in need of another K-9 and Jagger found a home. Like Allen said, the stars aligned.

Jagger is narcotics certified and in the middle of patrol training. In addition, he is trained in tracking, locating evidence, apprehension, tactical obedience, and building searches. He has his own bullet-proof vest—no patrol vehicle.

“He’s a great locating tool,” said Czachor. “He could find a lost child, an adult, a patient with dementia.” But he’s also an asset to the team as a whole, de-escalating violent situations and protecting his fellow officers.

“As gentle as Jagger is,” said Allen, as the pup rolled around, licking and kissing selectboard members—“if I were to go up and give Jen a push, I’d regret it. He’s very protective of his handler.”

Czachor and Allen agreed that they see him as one of the officers. “We think Jagger will be a great representative of our department,” said Allen.