Republican candidate Pam Loranger came out victorious in the runoff election held Monday for the Chittenden 9-2 House district seat.

After the machine’s final tally of votes Monday night, Loranger had 303 votes, and John Nagle III had 29.

I think I feel relieved, I am glad,” Loranger said. “Now we can get on and talk about issues and talk about records and get to the meat of the real election.”

Loranger said she’s excited to start campaigning for the general election in November alongside incumbent Republican Pat Brennan, a 16-year legislator and chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

“[Along with]myself bringing 20 years of local service, I think that’s a great combination in terms of the local and the veteran, the new and the old, down to Montpelier on a fiscal conservative platform, affordability for Colchester and Colchester issues,” Loranger said following her victory Monday night.

The polls were open at the Bayside Activity Center from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Town clerk Julie Graeter said the voters came in slow and steady throughout the day. Ten volunteers helped at the polling station throughout the day.

Monday’s runoff election comes after the Aug. 14 primary resulted in a tie between Nagle and Loranger, who started off the race as a write-in candidate.

Republican House candidate Pam Loranger (right) shakes hands with Sen. Dick Mazza. (Amanda Brooks/Colchester Sun)

Initially, Loranger won the race with 177 votes to Nagle’s 174. Due to the slim margin, however, Nagle petitioned for a recount. That found Nagle with 174 votes and Loranger with 173, with one ballot in question since it had Loranger’s maiden name, Karr, written in instead of her current legal name.

That ballot was sent to Judge Robert Mello at the Chittenden Superior Court for advisement. After hearing testimony from both Loranger and Nagle, he decided the ballot in question showed the voter intended to choose Loranger and deemed it a valid vote for her. This prompted the runoff election, as each candidate had 174 votes.

Loranger and Brennan will appear on the ballot together in November’s general election when they face Democrats Sarita Austin and Herb Downing.