Local resident Geo DeBrosse, 15, swam across Lake Champlain from Port Kent, NY to Delta Park in Colchester—approximately ten miles total.

DeBrosse plunged in at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 13 with his friend Seb Jacobs paddle boarding next to him, and his parents, John DeBrosse and Suzie McCoy, in boats on either side. He touched sand in Delta Park at 10:45 a.m. ”very sore and very tired,” he said, but “happy to see all of my neighbors there to greet me.”

The swim was part of DeBrosse’s eighth grade graduation project from Hinesburg Community School, explained McCoy: “he researched all the variables involved in a long distance lake swim, then planned it for after his summer swim season, waiting for a good lake forecast—calm with light winds. The conditions did not turn out as forecasted, so there were more waves than ideal but Geo persevered!”

DeBrosse said that he chose to embark on this project because it looked physically challenging but possible. “I’ve been looking across the lake at Port Kent for as long as I remember,” he said.

Earlier this year, DeBrosse competed at the Vt. State Summer Swim Championship, placing first in 50 Fly at State Summer Swim Championship, and third in 100 Free and 100 Fly.