Support for Turner
Vermont is at a crossroads in this year with elections. I am writing to support Don Turner for lieutenant governor. Let me explain why I am supporting Mr. Turner for the second highest position in the state government. Mr. Turner has served the people of Milton for 14 years as fire & rescue chief, truly a job that demands someone with leadership skills. When I asked former members of the Underhill-Jericho Fire Department about Mr. Turner, they all praised him and say you couldn’t support anyone better. We certainly need leadership in the Vermont Senate. Mr. Turner served as well as a legislature for 13 years as the representative from Milton and currently serves as Town Manager.  Don Turner lead a caucus in the Vermont House with many different views, but the one thing he did was always respected their opinions and encouraged members to vote their conscience. A true leader does that.

One thing I can tell you upon looking at Mr. Turner’s voting record is that he remembers the business owners and homeowners in Vermont. He believes that rising taxes are not helping Vermonters or increasing business regulations helps our state economy.

We need someone in the second in command position who will work across the aisle to make Vermont a better Vermont. Since voting has started, I urge voters to support Donald Turner Jr.

Bill Lawrence