Support for Brennan, Loranger
I will enthusiastically vote on August 14 for Pam Loranger and Pat Brennan in the Republican primary. While we are fortunate to have other viable candidates, both Pat and Pam are the outstanding choice for representatives from Colchester! While serving for more than 40 years on various Colchester boards and commissions, I’ve had the opportunity to observe and appreciate the dedication and wisdom of both folks in their respective positions. Won’t you join me to write in Pam Loranger’s name and to vote for both Pam and Pat?

Bob Campbell


Loranger is model civil servant
I’m writing to bring your attention to an opportunity.

If you’re like me, wishing for more balance in Montpelier and for more people to represent our interest in keeping Vermont affordable, we are lucky. Pam Loranger has decided she is willing to run to be a representative for Colchester District 9-2 and she needs your help to make that happen.

Pam has worked tirelessly in our community for 20 years and could be listed in the dictionary as an example of a model civil servant. She’s a voice of reason on stormwater issues, firearm safety, town planning, and most recently appointed to the District-4 environmental commission.

She needs us to write her in on the primary ballot on Tuesday, Aug. 14. It’s easy to remember, first name Pam last name Loranger. Just remember “orange“ then stick an L on the left and an R the right, and you’ll have it. Pam Loranger. I don’t care if it’s quirky; I care if you remember it!

If we want Colchester to remain affordable I believe we need representatives like Pam. A great ticket would be Pat Brennan and Pam Loranger for District 9-2.

We can have voices that represent us well. If you don’t want your cost of living to increase, we need to change who we are voting for. A step in the right direction is a trip to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 14 along with a write-in for Pam and your continued support for Pat Brennan.

I’m grateful that Pam is willing to give us more choice in this important election and ask District 9-2 voters to consider supporting her.

Dawn Terrill


Grassroots democracy in action
On August 14, voters in District 9-2 will have a unique opportunity to participate in Democracy at its true grass roots by writing in Pam Loranger for the Vt. House of Representatives. Typically, a candidate secures a place on the ballot by obtaining 50 signatures from certified voters on a petition. However, barring a revolution, the electoral process provides an opportunity for a write in individual, such as Pam Loranger, to win a place on the general ballot in November.

This is not the customary route. The write-in candidate must reach out to far greater numbers to overcome the advantage the petitioned candidate has with his/her name already printed on the ballot. The determined voter must enter the booth and write in Pam Loranger on the appropriate line and fill in the bubble. I am asking you to do just that. You may vote for two in House of Representatives box. Please take this time to also fill in the bubble for a great candidate, incumbent and current chairman of the House Transportation Committee, Pat Brennan. Thank you for voting and exercising one of our fundamental rights as Americans.

Albert Loranger

Note: Albert is the husband of House candidate Pam Loranger


Loranger listens
These are challenging times. Even here in Vermont, our governing has gotten a bit rough around the edges. Still tame compared to politics at the national level but we can do better.

That is why I will cast my write-in vote for Pam Loranger for state representative.

Let me tell you why this Independent voter will happily vote for Pam Loranger.

Pam listens. Pam does not argue with you. She actually listens.

Pam learns. If she isn’t familiar with a subject, she does the homework. She reads relentlessly and learns about the issues relevant to Colchester residents.

Pam is deeply committed. I do not know of anyone who has devoted more time and effort, consistently year after year, to Colchester issues.

Pam is truly a servant of the people and has been now for many years, behind the scenes, always showing up to do more than her fair share.

Pam is solid and level headed. She will never “go off.” She will represent Colchester with dignity and with respect for her constituents and for her fellow representatives. If we elect Pam, she will carry the responsibility with pride and honor and diligence.

That is worth a whole lot. Please consider a write in vote for Pam Loranger for District 9-2 (Republican). If you vote for Pam, your voice absolutely will be heard and represented.

Susan McMillan