Support accessible birth control

Regardless of someone’s reason for using birth control, the importance of accessible methods cannot be under-emphasized. Easy and affordable access to birth control allows everyone to choose when and if they want to start a family. As a woman, I am empowered by my own ability to make this choice, allowing me to pursue my higher education and participate in the workforce while also making my own decisions about my body.

A bill that is currently being considered in the Vermont legislature would make over-the-counter contraceptives available to people with insurance coverage with no out-of-pocket costs. The birth control pill is likely to be available over-the-counter in the near future. Many people rely on this method of contraception and if it is not covered by insurance, many unwanted pregnancies are likely to result. Birth control is a basic necessity for many.

Please urge your elected Vermont representatives and senators to pass the over-the-counter bill (H.869) this year.

Teremy Garen

Gun sense or nonsense?

As one who believes in the Second Amendment, I want to thank Reps. Maureen Dakin and Curt Taylor for supporting sensible gun safety legislation last week (Rep. Jim Condon was absent.) Requiring universal background checks and limiting magazine capacity to 15 for a hand gun and 10 for a rifle in no way infringes on the “right to bear arms.” Despite overwhelming support statewide for these reforms, Colchester’s two other elected officials, as expected, voted no. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who opposed last week’s legislation never had a relative or loved one killed or injured by gun violence.

Legitimate protest is an American tradition. It is reasonable, therefore, for those disappointed in the passage of S.55 to protest peacefully. However, the giveaway last Saturday at the Statehouse of 30-round magazines for the AR-15, (organized by the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Club and provided by a group from Wyoming), shows a complete lack of compassion for what happened in Parkland on February 14.

Gun safety and gun regulation debates are an emotional issue. However, let’s try working together to promote gun sense, not gun nonsense.

John Devino

Seeking Marine volunteers

The Donald Cook Detachment of the Burlington area Marine Corps League is looking for Marines and FMF Corpsmen who have honorably performed their service and desire to continue service to our communities and to preserve our traditions.

Visit our website,, for details and background. If you would like to join us for dinner and a meeting (any third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. with dinner at 5:30 – 7 p.m. at the American Legion Post 91 in Colchester) to meet current members, or just to ask more information, contact: Commandant Herb Drew at, “Doc” Dan Bean at or Marine John Kohler at

Semper Fi.

Commandant Herb Drew

Thanks for egg hunt help

Thanks to all who attended and helped with the 2018 Colchester Easter Egg Hunt.

As co-host of the annual event, the Colchester Lions Club would like to thank our fellow co-host, Colchester Parks and Recreation Department, with their assistance in this event.

We would especially like to thank the students of the Colchester High School National Honor Society and the Scouts from Boy Scout Troop 601 for their assistance in “stuffing” the eggs and then “hiding” the eggs. More importantly, we would like to thank all the egg hunters for finding all the eggs that were up for capture.

We would also like to thank all those who donated to the Colchester Lions Club food drive for the Colchester Community Food Shelf. It was a great success.

More importanly, we would like to thank the Easter Bunny for joining us this year and being a great host for the children who wanted to say hi!

Until 2018.

Lion Ken Emery
President, Colchester Lions Club