Comments on local radio programming
Congratulations to locally owned Vox AM/FM for purchasing WVMT and WXXX. The new Morning Show hosts, Peter and Sarah, provide a refreshing change in the 6-9 a.m. time slot on WVMT. As time goes on, the new ownership will hopefully consider additional program changes. Ideally, they might take a page from the WDEV – Radio Vermont playbook and provide more daily local programming.

At the very least, management could consider alternatives to the Limbaugh-Carr-Levin shows which air from noon until 10 p.m. These programs broadcast a continuous stream of toxic negativity so common today but inconsistent with the views of average Vermonters. The strong, local minority should not have the power to influence local programming to such a degree. There are many syndicated shows which would be welcomed by the listenership.

A final comment regarding local radio: I would be remiss to ignore Colchester’s own Ginny McGehee who continues to provide delightful music and talk in the morning on WJOY. Ginny is the longest-serving female radio personality in Vermont history.

John A. Devino