I’m compelled to respond to the letter to the editor that appeared in the August 18 Colchester Sun newspaper. The writer of the letter pointed out the voting record versus public forum comments of my longtime (way before politics) friend Rep. Jim Condon. The newspaper staff then took the liberty of labeling both candidates in the sub heading of the letter.

Time out. I serve with Jim Condon and can tell you firsthand he is a diligent, thoughtful worker for town and state issues. In a sea of Statehouse spending, Jim is one of us that holds a buoy in one hand and a rescue beacon in the other.  As I listen to people going door to door, one thing is clear: This year political campaigns nationally have ran so for off the track, voters feel left out on the issues that matter most to their families.

Our town and state campaigns can rise above the national nuts by running positive campaigns, sticking to the issues and listening to people’s concerns. So let the games begin, and this year call my campaign “Positive Purvis.”  Good luck to all the candidates that will run in the general election. 

Rep. Joey A. Purvis