The Colchester Sun asked Hannah Trieb’s Union Memorial School kindergarten students for help with how to cook a turkey this Thanksgiving. This is the final recipe they helped us create.

  1. First, “you find a turkey and hunt for one and you kill one,” said Lauchlan Mescher
  2. Make sure you start with a “real turkey, and take all the feathers off,” said Esemae Scherer.
  3. Then, season the turkey with salt and pepper, according to Nollie Plouffe.
  4. Add some cheese on top to add some more flavor, suggested Lily Messenger.
  5. Put it in the oven at “11 degrees,” according to Lauchlan.


Lily Messenger and Lauchlan Mescher share their secrets with the Sun about how to cook the perfect turkey this Thanksgiving. (Amanda Brooks | Colchester Sun)