Zoe Young, a third-grader at Malletts Bay School, used her entrepreneurial skills to do good, raising money to benefit victims of the recent California wildfires.

Two weekends ago, Zoe, with the help of her mother, Lisa, set up a stand outside Union Memorial School, selling hot apple cider, muffins and cookies to passersby.

Zoe said she was inspired to raise money when she heard her friend’s school in California was cancelled due to heavy smoke. While Zoe’s friend was an hour away from the fire and was unhurt, Zoe said she was sad when she heard what had happened to other families in the area.

“People have been parked in parking lots because they don’t have a home,” she said. “These people deserve a home and food, because they also lost all their food and many people got killed.”

Zoe said while she only got a few customers in the 90 minutes her stand was open, she raised $75. Now she wants to raise more money and said she might try selling food again another weekend in December.

“Every penny helps,” she said.