Marie Shepherd

Marie Shepherd

The Northwestern Vermont Board of REALTORS (NVBR) announced its 2020 Rookie of the Year recently with the award going to Essex resident Marie Shepherd.

Shepherd not only lives and works in Chittenden County, but she also spends her downtime with outdoor activities in the area. When she’s not doing any of those three things, she’s volunteering to help keep her community safe.

The 2020 NVBR Rookie of the Year is part of the Malley Group, a team of realtors that’s under the Keller Williams (KW) Vermont brokerage umbrella.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to work with such a talented professional who is just starting their real estate career,” said KW Vermont CEO and Team Leader Brian Armstrong. “Marie’s work ethic and dedication to family, clients, community, and her profession has shown us all a balanced path to follow.”

After graduating from Saint Michael’s College (SMC) in May 2019, Shepherd started “hustling” for her first commission check, and her rookie year took off from there.

“I was actually surprised. I was not expecting it at all,” Shepherd said about how she felt when first hearing she was the award winner. “I know some other really great rookies that are similar to my age or younger and are part of NVBR. They're less than two years in the business, and their businesses are also skyrocketing; they're very creative, very good at what they do. I was actually expecting someone else to get it, so I was surprised and pleased.”

For fun, Shepherd enjoys running, hiking, biking, kayaking, and swimming. You might see her riding her bicycle around Essex, and she sometimes takes her love of hiking to Indian Brook Reservoir and Colchester Pond. But her favorite spots, to garner much-larger views, are as near as Mount Mansfield and Camel’s Hump and as far as Mount Pisgah in Westmore, Vermont.

Firefighter Shepherd

Outside of work and play, when available, Shepherd is ready to serve her community as a volunteer with the Essex Junction Fire Department (EJFD). She comes from a family of first responders and joined the fire unit at SMC as a freshman. Shepherd would go on to become a dual fire and rescue member for the school’s battalion of the Colchester Fire Department in her junior year, and she was a lieutenant for the fire unit by the time she was a senior.

Following graduation, Shepherd moved to Essex Junction but continued to serve with Colchester Fire for the next year. She was decorated with the 2019 Colchester Center Volunteer Fire Company (CCVFC) Team Spirit Award, an honor that recognizes an individual who most-enhanced the relationship between the SMC and CCVFC departments. She then joined EJFD back in May.

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