Home cooking will once again fill a niche in Colchester’s food scene later this month when the half-bakery, half-quick service restaurant opens in the Harbor View Plaza on Route 127 where the Malletts Bay Diner once resided. This time, there’s a sweet twist.

Easy as Cake, once a home bakery, is moving into the space later in December to add some more sugar and spice to local diners’ palates.

Run by husband-and-wife team Jeffrey and Nicole Goller, Easy as Cake bakery started when the couple couldn’t find a suitable baker to make their wedding cake. Nicole Goller, who had taken some cake decorating classes in the past, said she could do it herself.

“Mostly what I learned today was through YouTube and books and a lot of practicing,” she said. “I’ve always been into the crafty things, anyways, so it just stuck with me. I really love doing it.”

Nicole Goller said she loves to experiment with new flavors, adding she’s excited to be free to use her artistic eye to decorate cakes and other pastries. Recently, the couple tried out a cinnamon bun base filled with cream cheese and red pepper jelly, topped with ghost pepper maple syrup, an unexpected flavor combination the couple loved.

“Nicole loves to decorate cakes and come up with new things to bake, so these display cases are going to be full with interesting and tasty things,” Jeffrey Goller said.

The bakery will feature pre-baked and made to order cakes for special events, plus traditional hand-held sweets like cinnamon rolls, donuts and coffee cake. Jeffrey Goller plans to make some sweets from Slovakia, where his family is originally from.

“These danishes I cook every Christmas, and my grandmother cooked them at Christmas,” he said. “She’s the one that gave me and my mother the recipe for the bread and some of the fillings.”


One of these Slovakian treats is called kolache, a soft, bready pastry traditionally filled with a prune and apricot filling or a cinnamon, sugar and walnut mixture. Goller said he and his wife are coming up with other combinations, like pumpkin, lemon and raspberry, that might change seasonally.

Another Slovak breakfast item will be a klobasnek, a hot hand pie made with a sweet bread dough filled macaroni and cheese, BBQ beef, stir fry vegetables and other mixtures that will rotate weekly.

Jeffrey Goller said he was inspired to make these Slovak treats after teaching in the country for a year in 2016. While he is going to make some with traditional fillings and flavorings, he said there will be room to experiment.

“It might not be authentic to Slovakia, but they’re authentic to Colchester,” he explained.

The hot hand pies will be attractive to people who need a quick option for breakfast, but want something hot and freshly made, especially in the winter, Jeffrey Goller said.

“I’ve talked to a lot of ice fishermen out here, and they said they don’t have a lot of time,” he explained. “[They] want to be able to come off the ice, grab something to eat, and get back on the ice.”

Easy as Cake will also offer deli sandwiches made to order with Boar’s Head meat and homemade bread—either traditional white or a beer variety with speck grain from Burlington Beer Company—as another quick option for diners.

The couple is excited to finish work on the space and get all the proper permits as soon as they can. They hope to be open in the next week or so.

“I thoroughly enjoy it, the whole interaction with customers, especially getting a regular clientele and when they walk in the door,” Jeffrey Goller said. “You know exactly what they’re going to order, and you get it ready for them before they even open their mouths.”

Nicole Goller, who owns Sunny Laurel Sisters quilt shop in town, said she’s looking forward to meeting a new clientele and side of the community. Although preparing the business has been hard work, the two are excited to venture into a new endeavor together, in a space where they can experiment with food and give the community something tasty to try.

“I want to show people what we can do,” Jeffrey Goller said.