After reading “Consultant presents new park plans” [published October 19], I was dumbfounded. Is this really where our tax money is going? Let’s start with a “curved floating dock” so visitors can leave their vessels and “mingle” with locals in town? This is plain absurd. There will be no mingling, the out-of-town folk will get off their boats, use the new showers the developer wants to build and then sail away. This will not benefit the community at all.

Next we come to the “grassy bowl” amphitheater/ sledding hill, is this serious or is someone joking? Do we really need a grassy bowl? Do the residents of Colchester need or want trails with “hidden gnome and fairy figurines”? Nope.

What the community overwhelmingly wants is a pool. Thank you Rep. Maureen Dakin for acknowledging that since no other representatives seem to want to.

In conclusion, we all know a pool will be expensive, but if we cannot afford it right now, how does that justify spending tax dollars on frivolous projects that will not benefit the community?

Eric Prong is a Colchester resident.