I walk my Brittany spaniel on the trails near the Colchester High School each morning. Last week my dog came upon five half-grown squirrels about 15 feet from the parking lot. The squirrels had their tails weaved together and were in a satanic circle. They had tried to bite their tails free from the bloody knot; their tails had become tied together. I gathered them up and put them in my car covered and drove to my house. I contacted a neighbor to help while I worked to unweave the bloody mess that their tails had become.

I was able to slowly free each squirrel. One injured squirrel did get away and climbed a tree. I put the others in a big barrel and called a local rescue. I was able to take four of the injured squirrels to the rescue where they will successfully recover.

I am wondering what sadistic person or persons would catch the animals and weave their tails together in a satanic circle. It was not a cause of nature, but a human effort to do such a twisted thing!

Ron Allbee is a Colchester resident.