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Colchester's new contract with Green Mountain Transit (GMT) will cost less than past agreements and make the town a long-term partner.

The selectboard approved a new 10 year contract with Green Mountain Transit (GMT), over $10,000 less than the current agreement, making Colchester a long-term partner with the transportation service.

At a meeting on Dec. 10, town manager Aaron Frank proposed a service agreement with GMT outlining a contract that would extend service from three to ten years and open up future opportunities for the town to send a representative to the GMT board of directors. The town will have the option to join GMT after approving the contract without paying into anything else.

“The need has grown,” said Frank, pointing to the rising number of senior residents, the need for services for people with disabilities, and rising service costs.

The town pays for four different GMT services including the blue line, Milton Commuter, and different services for seniors and people with disabilities.

The new contract clocks in at $77,000 in comparison to the current contract at $89,000.

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