At the most recent selectboard meeting, the town created a formal energy committee with duties to be taken on by the Planning Commission staff. Deputy Town Manager Geoff Urbanik proposed the policy at the meeting on Oct. 22, arguing that the work has been “informally done” for years but formalizing the role could reinvigorate the town’s energy goals.

“The Town of Colchester has planned for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for many years, however has not had a formal Energy Committee or assigned staff to support such efforts through any formal means,” Urbanik wrote in a memo to the selectboard.

Town Manager Aaron Frank affirmed this at the meeting, citing projects such as energy efficient buildings, parks, streetlights, and solar farms as examples of the town’s efforts towards energy efficiency.

Selectboard member Tom Mulcahy expressed his concern for assigning additional duties to the Planning Commission, calling the members “overworked.”

However, fellow board member Pam Loranger, who served as former chair of the planning commission until this summer, said that she thinks the planning commission “is well supported and could handle it.”

Ultimately, the selectboard voted to approve the policy, creating a formal Energy Committee of Colchester.

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