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Mrs. Helfrich’s kindergarten students showing off their excellent book choices at their visit to Burnham.

Imagine a cozy, well-lit room full of chatter, the tinkling of china, and chamber music softly playing in the background. On Oct. 24, we hosted an afternoon tea for our patrons in the Burnham room. For the tea, patrons signed up to make a recipe from a book, then brought it the day of the program for everyone to enjoy. Patrons enjoyed cucumber sandwiches, pistachio cookies, chocolate truffles, lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting, and many other delectable goodies, along with three different kinds of tea.

Over the course of the year, we have other food-related programs. Our quarterly potluck club, Cooking the Books, is well-beloved by our patrons. Participants have been making recipes from cookbooks of different decades. Each cookbook offered a small history lesson: those participating learned about the way people ate, the availability of ingredients during certain time periods, and even some fun household tips. We will be hosting a cookie swap at the library on Thursday, Dec. 12th at 1 p.m. using recipes from the eighties and nineties. We will have cookbooks available for perusal shortly before Thanksgiving. We hope you will join us!

October proved to be the perfect month to learn some new skills at the library. In collaboration with L.L. Bean, we offered three classes at the Meeting House for our outdoor enthusiasts. The first class, Basic Map and Compass, helped everyone learn how to stay on course when navigating around the library buildings. At Fly Casting Basics, participants learned how the fly rod, line and leader all work together for perfect casting. Finally, Birding and Binoculars explained tips and techniques to identify our local feathered friends whether out on a hike or doing some backyard birding. We are planning more classes for this coming spring.

This past month, we welcomed all of the kindergarteners from Union Memorial School. With their new library cards in hand, the four classes walked down Main Street for their visits. Each kindergarten class visits us separately so that we are able to give them some individual attention as they hear a little about the history of the Burnham Memorial Library, listen to a story or two and choose the perfect book to check out.

We love having all of the UMS students visit us in the fall, but the kindergarten visits are especially wonderful as many of them are coming to us for the first time. They are just thrilled at being old enough to have their very own library cards. Thank you to all the teachers are students for brightening up our October!