Puzzle Palooza

On a chilly January Saturday, Burnham Memorial Library was the perfect place for our first Puzzle Palooza competition. We set up in the Burnham Room where there was plenty of comfortable seating by the fire for team supporters. Popcorn and cocoa were provided to give participants the fuel needed for a friendly race against the clock. After choosing team names, each contestant chose their 500 piece puzzle from a range of cheerful designs with similar levels of difficulty: Outer Space! Backyard Birds! Undersea Creatures, and more!

It was fun to see how different strategies were used and at times it was so quiet you could hear a pin (or puzzle piece) drop. Everyone went home afterward with a new puzzle to keep so they could share the fun with family and friends.

Did you miss Puzzle Palooza? We have ongoing puzzles upstairs and everyone is welcome to help us complete them. Who knows, you might be one of our future Puzzle Palooza contestants!

Fabric Postcards

Who needs a dozen red roses when you might get an original piece of art for Valentine’s Day? Under Lin Crandall’s expert guidance, patrons learned how to make unique fabric Valentine’s postcards. These future keepsakes can be mailed for a mere 70 cents, and will be a sweet alternative to candy for the lucky recipients. Lin’s classes are so popular we are already planning another class in mid-May, so stay tuned!


Teens in grades 6-12 once again conquered the adventurous realm of Dungeons and Dragons as a team. The group’s membership has swelled and the characters are beginning to show off their unique backstories.

Bridging Visit

We’re lucky enough to have hosted the Soaring Eagles group from Champlain Community Service’s Bridging Program. The Soaring Eagles took a tour of the library and then dug into completing activities from Vermont’s Good Citizen Challenge. More Bridging students will visit as time goes on, but this very special group had two fabulous Colchester teens!

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