A heavy wind and rain storm caused major flooding and power outages across the state, in addition to taking down this tree at Severance Corners in Colchester.

On the eve of Halloween, a heavy wind and rain storm caused flooding, power outages, and road closures across town.

On Thursday night, Oct. 31, Church Road was closed for several hours due to a large tree that fell into the road. According to a report from the Colchester Police Department, 500 people in the area lost power due to power lines taken down by the tree. Church Road opened back up for traffic in the early hours of Friday, Nov. 1.

Also on Friday morning, a portion of Route 7 between Creek Road and Chimney Corners was closed due to flooding. The report noted that portions of West Lakeshore Drive, Porters Point Road, and Middle Road had flooded but remained open.

According to a press release from Green Mountain Power (GMP), Governor Phil Scott urged people to stay safe and vigilant in light of the storm: “We have flooded roads and downed wires throughout the state... Drivers or pedestrians should never drive or walk over a flooded road. There could be unseen washouts or currents that can sweep you or your car away,” he said at a safety briefing at Vt. Emergency Management headquarters on Friday.

GMP crews spent much of the day removing trees and lines from roadways to make them safe and passable, with damage in every district GMP serves. According to the press release, GMP brought in about 100 line workers from out of state in advance of the storm and they are working statewide.

“Our number one priority is the safety of our customers and our employees and we urge everyone to stay away from downed power lines and downed trees,” said Mari McClure, GMP’s incoming President and CEO at the safety briefing.

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