Manager’s Message
Dawn Francis, Town Manager

The last five years of my career and time with Colchester have flown by. I can’t think of a better place to end my professional life and I am grateful for the opportunity and the people I have met along the way. Colchester is a special place and is poised to be truly unique in the future due to the community vision of your elected leaders, volunteers, and hard-working employees.

At a time when our country and state have become more polarized and partisan, when compromise and seeking the “win-win” solution seems elusive, you can take pride in your local government’s ability to listen to all perspectives and that their ultimate goal is always what is in the public’s overall best interest.

It’s been an honor and privilege to have been a part of this wonderful community. I can’t wait to visit in five years to see what has been accomplished!


Planning and Zoning
Sarah Hadd, Director 

The Colchester Development Review Board met on April 11 and approved:

  1. Conditional use, Douglas and Judith Mulac: Accessory structure, 1518 Porters Point Rd.
  2. Final plat, Jacques Baily and Leslyn Hall: Three-lot PUD to subdivide a 29-acre parcel, 1173 Grandview Rd.
  3. Site plan application, Severance Corners Village Center: Revise existing exit onto Blakely Road
  4. Final plat application, Rivers Edge Building Development at 0, 129, 147 and 317 Annas Court
  5. Preliminary plat application, Cosimo and Sandra Lomatire and Rivers Edges Building Development: 49-unit, 28-lot planned residential development on 48-acre parcel at 634 Malletts Bay Ave.

The DRB denied the appeal of Ben and Erica Farmer for an after-the-fact building permit for the installation of a roof mounted solar array at 87 Bayview Rd. The board also heard the sketch plan application of C12 WTH LLC and Blackbay Ventures X LLC for a four-story, 92-room hotel at 23 Water Tower Circ.

The DRB will next meet May 9. The planning commission met April 17 to review the 2019 Town Plan process. The kickoff meeting for the town plan will be on Tuesday, May 15.


Department of Public Works
Bryan Osborne, Director

The town is seeking bids for the replacement of an existing 36-inch corrugated metal culvert with a new 48-inch HDPE culvert located on East Road, approximately ¼ mile north of Pond Brook Road. The project is scheduled for July and will result in the closure of East Road for 7-10 days. Additional details will be coming as the project approaches.    

The Mountain View Drive Sidewalk project will be resuming construction within a couple weeks, weather pending.

The town is currently bidding spot repairs of sidewalks along College Parkway.

The Prim and West Lakeshore Drive intersection project is proceeding nicely; considerations for landscaping, lighting and coordination with utilities is being worked on.

The town received a $175,000 State of Vermont grant toward this year’s paving program.

The town is seeking bids for the its annual paving program, which this year includes the resurfacing of the follow roads: Bean Road, Colchester Point Road, East Road – Portions, Heineberg Drive, Holy Cross Road, Lindale Drive, Malletts Bay Avenue, Mayo Road , Porters Point Road, Pretty Road, Prim Road, Village Drive, Watkins Road, West Lakeshore Drive – Portions, West View Road and Williams Road.

A big thank you to all who attended the Conservation Commission’s Rain Garden Workshop last Monday! It was a full house as Jeff Young from the UVM Extension shared advice on the best location, size and design for residential rain gardens. The commission is grateful for the support of Colchester Blooms and looks forward to hosting similar events in the future.

The highway department is working on gravel road grading, street-sweeping, and lawn/green belt repairs.