A Colchester man is accused of fraudulently racking up more than $100,000 worth of building materials and manual labor from his former employer, police said.

Colchester police say Randy Berard, 33, was the construction project manager for JJ Jimmo Development in Milton since 2008. He left in April of this year to begin his own company.

Police say dating back to 2014, Berard used his former employer’s staff for independent side jobs while also ordering building materials using his employer’s accounts through local vendors.

The vendors would then send invoices to JJ Jimmo Development for the building materials, who unknowingly paid off the invoices, a press release said.

Berard then billed his customers for the building materials and labor, keeping all the profits, police said.

Berard was arraigned for embezzlement and was released on conditions in Vermont Superior Court – Criminal Division on Thursday, the press release said.