Hans Nedde chases after a ball during the Lakers’ game against BFA-St. Albans last week. (Photo by Josh Kaufmann)

BFA-St. Albans weathered a late comeback bid by Colchester thanks to big saves by goalkeeper Matt Tracy and sweeper Will Harvey, making a pair of Kam Dunsmore goals stand up for a 2-1 win over the Lakers in a feisty Homecoming weeknight game last Monday at Collins-Perley.

Dunsmore opened the second half with a shot rocketed back across the penalty box and into the top-left corner for a 2-1 lead. Yet  the Lakers would eventually gain the momentum with a vengeance.

“Intense game,” BFA coach Luke Laroche said. “The first half was pretty even I thought, back and forth. They outplayed us in the first 20, and then in the second 20 we picked it up, and we kept it going right into the second half. We got the early goal in the second half and then kind of defended. We had a couple other chances from there, but then they just pushed so many guys forward in the last 10 minutes, I pushed a couple guys back, and then we lose a guy for the last two minutes.”

Colchester senior Nathan Colgrove led the visitors’ second-half charge, creating two magnificent chances in the final 25 minutes on passes into the box and challenging Tracy on long balls into the penalty area three times in the final 16 minutes.

Starting the late push forward, Colgrove sent a ball into the box from 45 yards out that Tracy bobbled at the 18. The ball bounced to Sam Lamphier, who touched it past the keeper and quickly fired, only to see Harvey stationed on the goal line to boot away what had looked to be a certain second goal of the night for the senior.

Two minutes later, Colgrove headed the ball into the top-right corner of the penalty area for Evan Lamothe, who sent a line drive screaming toward the near side that Tracy dove for and barely pushed wide, the ball hitting the outside netting a foot outside the right post.

At the other end of Laker passes, Colgrove collided with Trace a few yards in front of the left post as they went after the ball, and in the next five minutes Colgrove went hard after two long passes into the middle of the 18.

Tracy, making his first appearance of the fall in goal, batted away the first of the three chances and fought through traffic on the other two before leaping just high enough to punch both away.

The Lakers continued pressing, and with two minutes to play, Luke Matthews got to a bouncing ball 12 yards out and struck a rocket at Tracy. The line drive knocked the keeper down, but he held on as he fell backward, landing a foot in front of the goal line.

Colchester then got a final 1:02 of 11-on-10 when BFA’s Luke Zemianek was sent off for his second yellow card of the half, but couldn’t take advantage before running out of time.