Movies were the theme of the final Colchester High School Band Concert, which was scheduled for Thursday.

One of the pieces featured, was written by students in the school’s wind ensemble. The 12-minute piece accompanied Voyage Dans La Lune, a silent film from 1902.

According to CHS Band Director Evan Peltier, this harkens back to an era when a pianist or small group of musicians would accompany silent films with live music.

“This is really unusual and special,” said Peltier. “High school groups rarely experience this kind of performance setting, let alone write the music themselves…I’m so impressed with how engaged the students were with this project, how eagerly they jumped into it and how well they collaborated together!”

To prepare for the project, students watched a documentary about the history of film scores and learned about famous composers like Bernard Herrmann, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

Sticking with the movie theme, the concert also featured movie-related music performances from the CHS concert and jazz bands.