In a time when tax dollars are hard to find, for the school and select boards to want to raise taxes dispels any rumors that either entity is in business in our best interests. For the selectboard to want to spend millions of dollars on a recreation area we do not need, especially at this time, is a sure sign they have not got the message that we are paying enough in taxes, thank you very much. Of course they immediately indicate the 1 percent sales tax is a perfect way to handle the debt. That tax was intended to take care of “stifling debt service” that already existed. How do I know? Because I was approached by a member of the selectboard to support this tax, as I would see our overall taxes decreasing in the out years. Ultimately I did not. Ultimately I was lied to.

If I read the paper correctly the school board is set to begin negotiations with the teachers union again. School board, if you are working for the citizens of this town and school district, you cannot allow another increase in the contract without something being cut from the budget. Given the direction enrollment has been taking, teachers cuts would be in order and appropriate.

Fellow citizens, consider what we have been spending on taxes in this town for years now. Remember that both of these boards have done nothing but spend. It is time for some austerity in local government and in all governments. If these boards come to the voters with a budget increase, I believe we should vote no on both budgets. Please consider that.

Michael Wilson