Kaylyn Morse, Senior

Bass Clarinet — Wind Ensemble

Alto Saxophone — Jazz Band

Kaylyn has been a wonderful part of this program over the years, showing exceptional enthusiasm and sincerity for all of the music she has encountered. I can always count on her to give thoughtful feedback or ideas on the music we are rehearsing at any point. Kaylyn always has great focus during class, absorbing and retaining all that we work on, and always writing things down in her part.

What has been some of your favorite memories or experiences involving concert and jazz band, from grade 5 to now?

Since starting band, I’ve participated in the district music festival nearly every year I’ve been eligible. I loved playing music with a bunch of musicians I would have never otherwise met, as well as learning a lot from our guest conductors that have followed me through my years in band. My sophomore year, we went to New York City and I got to experience a lot of different aspects of life outside of Vermont. I’m a huge fan of the Broadway musical “Wicked,” so it was just surreal to actually be in NYC and see the musical. But my favorite experience by far has been being with an incredible group of talented people for all these years, and the great friendships that have some with it.

How do you think playing an instrument has helped you develop as a young person?

I’ve learned a lot about how much hard work will pay off. With difficult pieces, a lot more time is required to play well and accurately, so being precise is really important. I also feel that being a part of both band and choir from 5th grade onward has helped me a lot with performing in front of crowds, as stage fright is a really tough thing to conquer. Over the years, I’ve become a lot more comfortable being on stage and have been able to apply the confidence to more than just band or choir performances.

What do you think students gain from being involved in school ensembles?

You really learn how to work with others, because during rehearsals, you’re mostly learning all the music going on around you and learning how you fit into the overall piece as a whole. Playing instruments has also been shown to greatly improve motor functions and classroom performance, so I really think I have benefitted from that. I also like to think that music is a very interesting and fun way to dig into historical significance and circumstance.