SUPPLIES: newspaper    bowl     pencil    Glue or glue dots    scissors  • ink pad (optional)

Step 1: Trace a bowl onto the newspaper. For best results, choose a page with an image on one side and text on the other.
Hint: The bigger the bowl, the bigger the tree. My dinner bowl worked perfectly for one card-sized tree.

Step 2: Cut out the circle.

Step 3: Cut the circle in half. Fold the circle in half. Unfold and cut down the folded line. Distress the text side of the circle with ink (optional).

Step 4: Lay the half circle text side up, straight edge toward the left. About 1/3 of the way down fold the circle side over toward the straight side.

Step 5

Step 5: Fold the flap back over towards the right, lining the fold up with the edge of the repeat.

Step 6-8

Steps 6 – 8: Fold the flap back and forth until the tree is formed.

Step 9: Using glue dots or a glue stick, secure the flaps in place.

Step 10: Look through the paper until you find a brown color. Cut a small rectangle out of the brown. Glue onto the bottom of the tree for a trunk.

Your tree is complete! Use it as garland, to decorate packages and cards or as an ornament.

Kim Conner is a sales and marketing representative with the Sun’s parent paper, the St. Albans Messenger. She is also the author of the popular craft blog, Inspiration Made Simple.