All Rights Reserved

By Gregory Scott Katsoulis
Young Adult Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Kelsey Psaute, Young Adult Services

In the future, everything is copyrighted. Users pay for every word they say, every trademarked gesture they make, and every communication they engage with via an unremovable armband that tracks their every move once they turn the responsible age of 15. For Speth, whose parents were long ago taken to work off an old ancestor’s debt for illegal music downloads, every word is precious. She has no excitement for her 15th birthday and when the time comes, uses the only gesture not copyrighted: the zipped lips. From then on, she will not speak. This causes a completely unintentional revolt. Newly 15-year-olds everywhere start copying her in protest of a system that leaves the poor destitute and the rich copyright holders richer with every spoken word. This awesome page turning adventure dystopia is riveting. Katsoulis masterfully has an expressive heroine in Speth even though she doesn’t speak at all. Fans of “The Hunger Games,” “Shatter Me” and “An Ember in the Ashes” will love this brilliant series opener.

Make Great Art on Your iPad: Draw, Paint and Share

By Alison Jardine
Adult Non-Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Katarzyna Janiga, Adult Services

Detailed and accessible art lessons are offered in the pages of this fun book. Alison Jardine’s “Make Great Art on your iPad” is full of tutorials on making masterpieces in both free and paid apps on your iPad. Lessons are all grounded firmly in art school traditions, yet with all the potential of creating great art in the digital age. This book will not only teach you the rich history and art skills you always wanted, but new techniques to use on your iPad. While Jardine strongly recommends an apple pencil with some of these apps, it is not required, but your own fingertips will work just as well and still create the same effect.