A Man Called Ove

By Fredrik Backman
Adult Fiction, 2012
Reviewed by Connor Zwonik, Library Substitute

Everyone in the neighborhood thinks they have Ove all figured out until one day a new family moves in next door and greets Ove by running over his mailbox with a U-Haul.  Not surprisingly, this does not go well.  He immediately takes a disliking to them and tries to distance himself as much as possible from these bothersome neighbors.  However, this does not work, and through a series of heartwarming and often funny events, Ove’s bitterness slowly dissipates.  In the story that follows, Fredrik Backman intertwines Ove’s past and present, delving deeper into how Ove became the curmudgeon the reader meets at the start of the novel, while also showing the transformation he makes with the influence of the family next door.  This is a story full of love and sorrow; sure to warm anyone’s heart and show that everyone is more than they appear on the outside.

Picturing Words in a Poem

By Valerie Bodden
Illustrated by Monique Felix
Juvenile Non-Fiction, 2016
Reviewed by Pam Tallmadge, Youth Services

Drawing on our senses we can create “word pictures” so others can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch through our vivid and descriptive writing.  We might use similes to compare how one thing is like another or personification where we write about things as if they were human.  The writing activity in this book asks us to use our senses while examining a piece of fruit.

This series of books provides clear and simple explanations, writing activities, as well as glossaries and additional resources for finding more information.  Learn and write!