A Woman in Berlin
Eight Weeks in a Conquered City

By Anonymous
Adult Non-Fiction, 2005

Reviewed by Katarzyna Janiga, Adult Services

As April 1945 came to a close, the Soviet Army rolled into Berlin, signaling the last stand of WWII. For German women though, it meant a new kind of horror was just beginning. “A Woman in Berlin” chronicles eight weeks following the end of the Second World War and the Soviet Occupation of Berlin The author, who gives few details about herself and wished to remain anonymous, describes the mass rapes of German women by Soviet soldiers. Though she is dealing with such a horrific topic, she describes her (and others’) personal pain with brutal honesty and with little animosity toward the perpetrators.

The Chalk Pit

By Elly Griffiths
Adult Fiction, 2017

Reviewed by Penny Cunningham, Adult Services

This book is the ninth in a series of mysteries featuring the forensic archeologist Ruth Galloway. Set in present-day Norfolk, England, Ruth lives a quiet life as a single parent and university professor. Her peace is frequently interrupted when the local police force need her expertise to help solve mysteries both archeological and criminal. With a plot full of labyrinthine tunnels, disappearances and secrets, the book is a page-turner. Each book in the series deepens the relationships between the characters, and the Norfolk landscape plays an important part in it all. While some series can be read out of order, I recommend reading this series in order if you can. “The Chalk Pit” won the Mary Higgins Clark Award in 2017.