The Big Bed

By Bunmi Laditan
Picture book, 2018
Reviewed by Kelly L. McCagg, Library Director

Laditan’s protagonist is an intelligent, spunky, young girl with a very big problem.  “The Bed” is not big enough for her and her parents.  What’s a kid to do?  Approaching the situation like an authoritative negotiator, she compliments and empathizes with her father. Next she provides hard facts that support her argument.  Finally she provides her father with an alternative—a camping cot.  Knight’s evocative illustrations add credence to the tale, depending on whose story you believe.  This book is sure to have children and adults laughing out loud.


By Kurt Andersen
Adult-Nonfiction, 2017
Reviewed by Penny Cunningham, Adult Services

This book is subtitled “How America Went Haywire,” and after reading it cover to cover it’s hard to imagine how this nation could be anything else. Many Americans hold unquestioned beliefs that seem clear examples of illogical, fantastical thinking. The author’s question is ‘Why are we like this?’ The book goes on to explore the past 500 years of American history, with an emphasis on the religious, cultural and political movements that shaped America as we know it. Whether reading about the Puritans, Mormons, Creationism or our pastoral fantasies, the information is presented with wit and wry self-knowledge. This book is a cautionary tale, but a joy to read.