The Shadow District
By Arnaldur Indridason
Adult Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Susan Gamberg, Youth Services

During wartime, in the city of Reykjavik in Iceland a strangled woman’s body is found in the shadow district.  In present day Reykjavik a 90 year-old man is found in bed smothered with his pillow.  In his room are clippings of the case of the strangled woman found during wartime.   Konrad, a retired detective who is bored with his retirement reads about the deaths and becomes interested because they happened in the neighborhood where he grew up. Will he be able to help the police in solving these crimes?


Through with the Zoo
By Jacob Grant
Juvenile Fiction, 2017
Reviewed by Kelly McCagg, Library Director

Goat lives in a petting zoo that is packed with grabby little hands, but he dreams of place all his own.  Jacob Grant shares the humorous story of little goat in search of autonomy. His use of white borders reinforces the feeling of confinement; while goat’s giant, emotional eyes, let the reader know exactly how he is feeling.  Children will relate to goat’s desire for independence and his need for hugs; the world after all is a very big place.  This delightful story of self-regulation will enchant children and adults alike.